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How to backup and restore the windows 10 drivers using the command prompt

backup windows 10 drivers

Driver backup and restore offers a simple way to update the drivers of the windows 10 pc. There are many different ways to backup and restore the drivers but the simplest way is to use cmd commands. The rollback of drivers in windows 10 means to return the driver to the previous version or to get the old versions of the driver’s back. This is useful when the updated version of the drivers does not fit your computer or make your computer heavy and slow. In this article, we will learn how you can use the chrome command prompt to restore and backup your Windows 10 drivers.

Steps to restore and backup windows 10 drivers using command prompt

Step 1: First of all go to the c drive and create a new folder with the name driver backup. Double click on the driver backup folder and minimize it.

Step 2: After that go to the search and search for cmd stop here you will see an option run as an administrator click on that. A dialogue box will appear on the screen to confirm your action select yes from there.

Step 3: In the command prompt use or write the following command and click on the button. This will back up all of your drivers as you can see on the screen the message for all the drivers show that the driver packet was successfully exported.

The above backup method will only backup the drivers and not the .msi or .exe files. If you want to back up those files as well then you need to follow a different method. These drivers are important when you re-install the windows using a flash drive because it will wipe all the drivers and with the backup file you can we install all the drivers back. Follow the process for the same:

Step 1: Open the device manager of your windows 10 PC by searching kids using the search button of window 10.

Step 2: From here click on the display adapters that will give you a new option VMware SVGA 3d. Right-click on that and click on the update driver option.

Step 3: From here click on the Browse my computer for drivers option and browse the location video of the drivers stored in your computer. If if the drivers are stored on the USB drive then connect it with your computer and select it.

Step 4: After selecting click on the Next button and the system will give you a message that the drivers are already updated. If there is an update then it will ask you to install the update.

Both processes very simple to install the drivers on a machine that you have already backed up. Also, you can restore the previous version of the drivers by using the same steps.

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