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How to bring all your Online ID and all achievements to your PS4 console

If you have purchased PS5 then congratulations on this upgraded gaming experience. If you have ever played games on PS4, purchased games on the PlayStation Store, or used any of the services provided by PlayStation then you have an account on PlayStation Network. If yes then you can bring your Online ID, friends, trophies, wallet funds, content entitlement, videos, music, and compatible games to your PS5 console. You can do this by following the few steps mentioned in this article.

Step to bring PlayStation online ID along with all the other online data to PS5

Proceed with the steps on your PS5 console to bring your online ID and other mentioned things directly to your PS5:

Step 1: First of all connect the controller to your PS5 with the help of the USB cable.

Step 2: Make sure that your internet is connected with PS5 and your PS5 has updated system software.

Step 3: On your PS5 you will see two options to log in or sign in. One is “Sign In manually” and the second is “sign in via QR code”.

Step 4: If you know your account details like Sign-in ID and password then use the manual method to log in.

Step 5: If you don’t know your PlayStation account sign-in ID then go to your smartphone and download the PlayStation app and sign in to your PlayStation account.

Step 6: After that on the PlayStation app go to the settings >> Sign In on PS5. From there scan the QR code on your PS5 console and then you will automatically be signed in to your PlayStation account on your PS4.

This process will transfer all your PlayStation online stored data like friends, achievements, trophies, etc to your PS5.

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