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How to connect your Echo to iPhone or iPad devices

connect your Echo to iPhone

Amazon Echo speakers are the next level experience due to the embed of Alexa AI technology. This device is beyond interacting with Alexa and playing music. You can connect your echo with your android, iPhone, and iPad via Bluetooth to enhance its accessibility and explore more features of it. Here we will discuss the complete process to link your Echo with your iPhone or iPad.

Steps to pair echo speakers with iPhone or iPad

Follow these steps if you want to connect your iPhone or iPad with your Echo:

1. First of all download the Amazon Alexa application from the play store and launch the same.

2. After that click on the “Devices” option from the menu bar and then select the “Echo and Alexa” option. 

3. As a result a list of Alexa and Echo devices will appear on the screen. 

4. From the given list select the device you want to pair with your iPhone or iPad and the related information will display on the screen.

5. Further click on the “Bluetooth devices” and click on “Pair a new device” 

6. You will reach the screen where you can pair your device with the echo or Alexa.

7. Follow the path on Bluetooth screen settings >> Bluetooth and make the Bluetooth of your device turn on.

8. Now scroll down to the bottom of the screen and you will see a list of devices that you can pair with. Locate the echo and then tap on it to connect your iPhone or iPad. You will now be able to play audio or other eligible media from your iPad or iPhone via your Amazon Echo device.

During this pairing process always keep the Bluetooth of both the devices “ON”. if you turned off the Bluetooth your device will be disconnected from the your Amazon Echo.

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