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How to fix OBS display capture black screen

OBS studio is one of the amazing free open-source software that lets the user capture video and audio files along with living streaming. If you are just started using OBS display then you need to spend little time to understand its functionality and features. During this time people also face many different problems and capturing the black screen is one of them. The good news is we are here with the solution to fix your problem. This problem is basically connected with the computer’s graphic settings not with the software. So, let us find out how to fix the settings.

Steps to fix OBS display capture black screen

Now you need to follow these steps to fix the capturing black screen while using OBS display capture black screen:

Step 1: First of all click on the “Start” button in your windows and then select the “settings” button on your screen.

Step 2: In the settings select System >> Display >> Graphic settings that will take you to the Graphics settings options page on your computer.

Step 3: Further find and click on the “Choose an app to set preferences” and after that click on the “Desktop App”. 

Step 4: Now click on the “Browse” button and then navigate to the OBS studio executable file. Select the file and click on the “Add” button. Now you will reach the Graphics settings screen.

Step 5: Now you will see the OBS Studio file added there.

Step 6L Next, click on the “Options” and then the Graphics Preferences menu will open. From here select the ‘Power Saving” option. This will ask you to save the settings, so click on the Save button. Now your problem will be fixed automatically. 

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