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How to pin and unpin iPhone or iPad text messages

pin and unpin iPhone or iPad text messages

With the launch of ios 14 for the iPhone and iPad in 2020 apple is making it possible for users to access their phone with many additional features. One of the features is that people can pin up to 9 conversations to the top of the messaging app for fast access. Pinning conversation on iPhone or iPad allows the users to access the important messages whenever they need and it also saves them lots of time in finding the messages. To pin messages in the message box of your iPhone or iPad you need to follow some steps. In this post, we will learn the steps to pin as well as pin the text messages in the message box of your iPhone or iPad.

Steps to pin and unpin iPhone or iPad text messages in the message box

Proceed with the following steps if you want to get easy access to the messages available in your iPhone or iPad message box:

Step 1: Unlock your iPhone or iPad and open the message application available on the home screen.

Step 2: After that find a conversation or message thread that you want to pin on the top of the list of messages.

Step 3: Next you need to perform our short swipe from left to right across the conversation you want to pin. As a result, a yellow pin icon will appear adjacent to the particular message thread or conversation.

Step 4: Now click on the pin icon available there to stop you will see the conversation is now paint to the top of the list of messages in the messaging app. You can now easily able to access all the messages. If you want to pin more message types then repeat the steps.

To unpin any of the pinned conversation long press on the particular conversation and then a menu will open for the same. Click on the unpin option from the menu and the conversation will automatically unpin.

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