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How to see account activity on Netflix

see account activity on Netflix

It is important to understand if someone is using your Netflix account without your consent so you can take the necessary actions to kick them off as soon as possible. One of the easiest ways to identify that is to look at the recent neck flicks device activity of your account and match them with your activities. This will show the list of devices on which Netflix accessed in recent times along with the IP addresses and last time and date of the particular login. This can be accessed only by the website of Netflix and you cannot do it from the mobile application. If you want to kick someone off of your Netflix account then follow the process mentioned in this article.

Steps to see the activities of your Netflix account

proceed with the steps mentioned below to know which devices are linked with your Netflix account along with the activities:

Step 1: first of all open a web browser on your computer or mobile and go to netflix.com. Log in to your Netflix account if necessary and you will reach the homepage of your Netflix account.

Step 2: Now on the top of the screen click on the profile icon and a drop-down will appear full stop from the list click on the account option and the account screen will prompt in front of you.

Step 3: From the account, screen click on the recent device streaming activity option available in the settings. Now the list of recent devices streaming activity will appear that will show you the list of all the devices on which the Netflix account is accessed along with IP addresses. It will also show the date and time of the last access to Netflix on all the devices. Now you can identify the odd device or unknown device and shut down the Netflix account from the device to stop to make your account more secure you can change the password of your account so that the same person can not log in again.

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