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How to transfer data from the PS4 console to the PS5 console?

transfer data from the PS4 console to the PS5 console

If you own a PS5 but you want to play PS4 games on your console then this is the right place for you. We are here with the data transfer methods with which you can play all your PS4 games on your PS5 gaming console. There are four methods to do the same and all four methods are explained in this article step by step. So, let us know together with how to do it.

Steps to transfer data from PS4 console to PS5 console

The following four different methods that you can use in the form of steps:

Method #1: Data Transfer

1. Prepare your PS4 console for data transfer by making sure that it has the latest updated software.

2. Now login with the same account that you are using on your PS5.

3. Next connect both PS4 and PS5 with the same network or internet connection.

4. You can now transfer data by wi-fi. To reduce the transferring time you can connect both of your consoles with the help of an ethernet cable.

5. Further follow the instructions on your PS4 and your data transfer will start in the background.

Method #2: Disc

1. If your PS4 game is on a Disc then simply insert the disc in your PS5 console

2. The game will be installed automatically.

Method #3: External HDD

1. If your PS4 games are on an external storage device like an external HDD then you can directly connect it with your PS5.

Method #4: Playstation Store

1. If you have purchased PS4 games from the PlayStation store then first of all sign in to your PS5 console with the same account. 

2. Now download your games from the Game library or the PlayStation Store.

3. To transfer the saved data you can use the “Data transfer” method or use the pen drive to transfer the saved data from PS4 to PS5.

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