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How to Turn off Location on Google chrome

How to Turn off Location on Google chrome

Google chrome track people’s location on all the devices where your account is logged in. This feature is by default enabled on chrome. This allows the browser to locate the nearby restaurants and businesses when you search for one. If you don’t want chrome to track your location and store the data then you can turn it off. It is very simple and easy to turn off the google location feature. In this post, we will share the complete guide to do the same on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Steps to turn off the location on Google Chrome

Let us walk through the steps to turn off the location feature on google chrome:

Step 1: Launch Google chrome on your device and then locate the “Settings” menu by clicking on the ellipses available on the top of the screen.

Step 2: Find and click on the “Privacy and Security section” and then click on the “Site Settings”. 

Step 3: Further click on the “Location” button and you will reach the location settings.

Step 4: Here you will see a toggle adjacent to “Location”.

Step 5: click on the toggle button to turn off the location. That will change the message to Blocked, which means your location will not get recorded.

Step 6: To turn off the location in your computer or laptop follow the same steps mentioned above.

Once you turn off the location Google chrome will stop tracking your location and you will also not be able to search restaurants or other places as per your live location. In the future, if you want to use the facility follow the same steps mentioned above to Turn on the location again.

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