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How to turn off the vibration of PS5 Dual sense controllers

turn off the vibration of PS5 Dual sense controllers

PS5 is grabbing all the attention due to its amazing features, game-play, and more other exciting things. Along with all the features, Dual sense controllers provide an amazing array of vibration and haptic feedback technology. Sometimes you will get annoyed due to the shaking of the controllers during playing games. This happens due to the continuous vibration of the controllers. Now by following some of the steps you can stop vibrations of the controllers and play your games the way you want. In this post, you can learn how to turn off the vibrations of PS5 dual sense controllers.

Steps to turn the PS5 dual sense controllers off

You can proceed with the steps to stop disturbing vibration of the dual sense controllers while playing games on your PS5:

Step 1: First of all turn on the PS5 and then connect the controllers with the PS5. 

Step 2: After that navigate to the home page of your PS5 and look for the settings option.

Step 3: click on the settings available on the screen and from the settings menu select “accessories” to move ahead.

Step 4: In Accessories you will see “Controllers” on the left side of the screen, click on the same.

Step 5: Here, select the “Vibration Intensity” option from the right side of the screen. This will let you edit the settings of the PS5 dual sense controllers.

Step 6: Now click on the “off” button and then the changes will automatically apply to the PS5 dual sense controllers.

You can proceed with the same steps mentioned above to turn the vibration ON again if you want to do it in the future. Now you can enjoy your games as per your preferences. 

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