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How to turn off vibration on android

How to turn off vibration on android

When you purchase an android phone and started using it for the first time then your phone will vibrate whenever you receive a notification. Sometimes it becomes irritating if you are at work or some other important place. However, it can embrace you when you are in a meeting with your clients. In this situation, you need to know how to turn off the vibration for your calls as well as notification. For this, you don’t need to put your phone on mute. So, we are here with the solution to help you to turn your Android phone’s vibration off.

Steps to turn off vibration on Android

Proceed with the steps mentioned below to turn off vibration on android for calls and messages as well:

Step 1: First of all open your android device and swipe to the installed application. Here you need to click on “Settings” to go to the Android device’s settings.

Step 2: Here in the settings option you need to click on “Sound and vibration” settings available in the list.

Step 3: Under the sound and vibration settings you will find the “Mute option“. This will mute the calls and notifications for your phone.

Step 4: If you don’t want to mute the calls or notifications then you can go for the “Vibration” option. Toggle the button available there and it will stop vibrating your phone.

To turn off the vibration for a particular application of your android device visit the settings of the application. Here you will find the “Sound” option which will show you that your app is on “Vibration” mode. Turn off the vibration from here and enjoy using the app without disturbing other people.


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