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How to update my PC’s antivirus program

update antivirus program

It is very necessary to keep your computer safe from viruses all my fears especially when your computer is connected to the internet. Antivirus software helps to detect the virus that is entered into your computer but only if you keep its virus definition up-to-date. Virus definition updates help the antivirus software to detect all the latest and different types of viruses to protect your system from them. In this post, we will share some steps to make sure that your antivirus program has the latest updates and have the information about all the latest viruses that might help to keep your system protected.

Steps to update the antivirus program or software

Most of the antivirus programs allow other users to update the files or patches through the software. For this, you need to open the antivirus program and look for the updates or check for the updates or life updates or something similar. The following are the examples you might use to update your specific antivirus.

  • All the Microsoft windows users that are running the recent versions of McAfee can go to the Windows notification area and double click on the Windows notification area. After that click on the check for virus scan updates to get all the McAfee recent updates.
  • All the users of Microsoft windows that are using Norton or the recent versions of Symantec can go to the systray to launch the program and then in the program click on the live updates to keep checking all the available updates.

Note: In case you don’t have any antivirus program installed on your computer then we recommend you to get 1 by purchasing from any internet store. The antivirus software is very important to have so that your computer keeps protected from different malware and viruses.

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