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What is About:Blank and Steps to Remove It


In this article we will see how to remove about:blank virus from your computer.

Let’s first see what is about:blank. About:blank is used by your browser (Chrome) to open a new blank page.

Whenever about:blank is used your browser opens a blank page about blank, a virus, know a lot blank itself is not a virus, but it could be a sign of a virus. About:blank is not harmful. But if your browser’s constantly redirect you to about blank page, then it is a sign that there is malware who is triggering this action, hopefully move allowed blank redirects.

If you are often seeing so many about:blank pop up page, then used to rescan your computer with a good anti malware. I recommend MalwareFox It is an a strong anti malware that works effectively on adware budget hijackers spyware ransom ware, God malware etc, download malware Fox from this link and install it.

Once it gets installed, let it update and download isn’t signatures.

Now press the Scan Button.

Once the scan is complete, as this next button to clean clean your PC. malwarefox will clean all malware, and you will be relieved from about blank redirects.

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